We, as experienced mental heath professionals, provide advice and guidance about a variety of issues related to separation/divorce at any point during the separation process. This includes advice about how to tell your child about the upcoming parental separation and how to assist the children in the separation/divorce process. This also includes obtaining advice and information about children’s reactions to divorce, and the dispute resolution services that are likely to meet your family’s individual needs.


We also address issues related to higher-conflict situations: such as providing advice about how to help a child who is alienated from a parent, or who is caught between the parents, assisting a child who shows distress/symptoms at transitions between parental homes, how to communicate with the other parent, and consultation about divorce disputes. Unlike counseling or coaching, the consultation process is typically a very short-term intervention that is informed by the clinician’s experience, training and knowledge of the literature in this area. It is also a confidential process.