Family Solutions is a network of professionals, each with their own individual practice who can come together to collaborate and assist families

Our Team

Family Solutions is a group of experienced mental health professionals specifically trained and committed to providing the highest-quality professional services to families in conflict. Our group represents psychology, social work and psychiatry in a unique collaboration designed to maximize the contributions of each field to the needs of the families we serve.

The group initially came together as a peer consultation group to discuss clinical, ethical and professional issues related to our work with separating and divorcing families, including those engaged in child custody disputes.

The Family Solutions Team can provide services to families who would benefit from a collaborative approach with more than one mental health professional providing services to family members. This may include a consultation, counselling or assessment process.

All other clinical, professional consultation and dispute resolution services provided by the members of Family Solutions are part of their individual private practices.

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Jacqueline Vanbetlehem

RSW, Acc.FM.

Jan Schloss

MSW, RSW, AccFM, AccEM, AccCP Med

Howard Hurwitz

M.S.W., R.S.W.

Helen Radovanovic

Ph.D., C.Psych.