Linda Chodos

Linda Chodos is a registered social worker and received her Masters of Social Work degree from McGill University in 1972. She maintains a private practice in Toronto and is a founding member of Family Solutions. Linda has particular expertise in the area of high conflict separation and divorce and has worked extensively with families impacted by separation and divorce since 1980. Her practice includes a wide range of services including individual and couple counselling, separation counseling, mediation, custody/access assessments, mediation/arbitration, and parenting coordination. As well she teaches and provides training and supervision for mental health professionals conducting these services. She has been qualified by the courts as an expert in her field. She has presented and written articles on topics related to separation and divorce and participated in the development of interdisciplinary custody/access guidelines. These guidelines, which she co-authored are included in an edited text on Family Law Practice (Steinberg, Lenkinski, & James, 2005).

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